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Mark Rappaport
Mark Rappaport
Mark Rappaport is a filmmaker, whose work, including The Scenic Route (1978), Rock Hudson’s Home Movies (1992), From the Journals of Jean Seberg (1995) and Becoming Anita Ekberg (2014). The Scenic Route won The British Film Institute’s Sutherland Award as “the most imaginative and innovative film of the year.” His writings on film have appeared extensively in the French film magazines Trafic. A collection of his writings, The Moviegoer Who Knew Too Much, was published in 2008. His photomontages were also shown in New York, Nantes, Ghent and Las Palmas. Rappaport lives and works in Paris. ​​
Park Heungsik
Park Heungsik
Park graduated from Yonsei University and entered KAFA(Korean Academy of Film Arts) to study films. In 1998, he started his film career as an assistant director for Christmas in August and made his directorial debut feature I Wish I Had a Wife (2000) with which he garnered Best New Director award from Paeksang Art Awards in 2001. His next film My Mother, the Mermaid (2004) was invited by numerous film festivals from across the world. Including garnered Best Director award from Paeksang Art Awards in 2005 and Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival where he was honoured with Grand Prix prize in Young Fantastic Competition in 2005. He also stretched to TV field and made an impressive show My Sweet City which was aired on the national broadcasting channel SBS in 2008. He is continuing his artistic challenge and recently made a martial arts film Memories of the Sword (2015) and a period drama Love, Lies (2016). ​
Jean-Marc E. Roy
Jean-Marc E. Roy
Jean-Marc E. Roy’s body of work oscillates between documentary and fiction. Since 1999, several of his films have been presented and received awards here and abroad. A frequent grant recipient, he was awarded the CALQ prize for creator of the year in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region in 2015. He recently directed Blue Thunder (2015), Jupiter Applause (2015) and Nevermind (2013). Roy is currently working on his first feature-length documentary about filmmaker André Forcier and he's writing his first fiction feature. He just finished Stone makers (2016), Close-up (2017) and Crème de menthe (2017). ​
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