Opening Films

Opening Films

The 35th Busan International Short Film Festival presents two films for its Opening Ceremony.
The first is Tama Tu by director Taika Waititi, which is also presented in the 'New Zealand Cineaste' section. The title has a rather dark and heavy meaning of 'god of war', yet the film itself is ironically a poignant story about young men who maintain their innocence amid the harsh conditions of war. Many Maori soldiers from New Zealand went around the globe to take part in battles during WWII. Their emotional story helps us remember never to lose hope for the future, even during our darkest hours. The second opening film is The Burden. It is part of the 'Curtain Call' program, which is a compilation of award-winning short films from around the world. This creative musical animation utilizes various forms to express the modern man suffering from boredom, loneliness and anxiety. The music filling up the film is for everyday people who live not under a bright spotlight, but hidden away under darkness. The film won the Short Cuts Award for Best Short Film at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival.
Opening ceremony
    • New Zealand
    • 2005
    • Fiction
    • 17'
    • DCP / Color
    • No Dialogue
    In an Italian city at the height of WWII, six Maori Battalion soldiers hide from the Germans inside the rubbles of a building. During the night, while they must remain silent in order to avoid detection, they communicate in a secret, although motion-based, language. This is a short film by director Taika Waititi, now well known for Thor: Ragnarok (2017)...
    • Sweden
    • 2017
    • Animation
    • 14'10"
    • DCP / Color
    • English Sub
    In this musical animation, animals represent various occupations. Though the film deals with the rather heavy subjects of boredom and existential anxiety, the song and dance presented by the characters break up the serious mood and draw out laughter. They sing to talk about the “burden of life”, which is also ours to bear. It won the Short Cuts Award f...
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