International Competition 7
    • Greece, Cyprus
    • 2017
    • Fiction
    • 30'
    • DCP / B&W, Color
    • English Sub
    Most adults dream of staying in childhood forever and going through life like in a game, free of society’s rules and restrictions. Five employees in a metal company put this dream into effect. What they find is that you may escape the rules but you can’t escape the consequences or your personal responsibility.
    • Spain
    • 2017
    • Documentary
    • 7'12"
    • DCP / Color
    • English Sub
    Shadows are not always under the earth.
    • Taiwan, Hong Kong, China
    • 2017
    • Fiction
    • 25'17''"
    • DCP / B&W
    • English Sub
    A trip to Taiwan has molded a Chinese mother after she met with her exiled daughter from Hong Kong. This short film is directed by Ying Liang, who was the director of the Best Live Action Short Film awarded by the Golden Horse Awards in 2016. According to his personal experience in living in exile, he tells a moving story of a mother and her daughter, a...
    • Russia
    • 2018
    • Animation
    • 11'10"
    • DCP / Color
    • English Sub
    Our life is like walking on a tightrope. In times we are scared or lost we lose balance. When we are happy and excited, we forget we walk on a rope. We can even fly! Main characters are girl Luba and her friend Sparrow. Silly Sparrow doesn’t know fear, and by playing with him Luba herself forgets that she’s on a rope.
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