International Competition 9
    • Italy
    • 2017
    • Documentary
    • 19'48"
    • DCP / B&W, Color
    • English Sub
    Giancarlo Vitali is an 88 years old painter. In August 2017 four Milanese museums celebrated his work:the Palazzo Reale with over 200 canvases and drawings, the Sforzesco Castle with engravings, the Museum of NaturalScience with prints on scientific topic and the Manzoni House in an installation curated by Peter Greenaway. While all this is happening, t...
    • Swaziland, UK
    • 2017
    • Fiction
    • 14'40"
    • DCP / Color
    • English Sub
    A woman finds herself lost in the deserted Swazi outback. Emkhatsini is the siSwati word for between.
    • USA
    • 2018
    • Fiction
    • 15'
    • DCP / Color
    • English Dialogue
    Pony and Junior are two south Texas drifters - brothers in spirit, if not blood. Pony's last connection to his estranged mother is a postcard she sent twenty years ago from Atlantic City. When Junior refuses to help find his mother, Pony resorts to taking a job from a local thug to raise the money to search for her himself. It's here that he meets a fif...
    • Iran
    • 2017
    • Fiction
    • 24'59"
    • DCP / Color
    • English Sub
    After a few years abroad, Yashar has returned to Iran with news for his friend’s family, unaware that they have news for him...
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