Guest Country Program

Guest Visit(GV)

‘Guest Visit’(GV) is a Question & Answer session about the movie with the directors and actors who participated in the movie. It will started immediately after the screening of each short film. Please do not miss the Q&A as the next movie will be shown immediately after the Guest Visit (GV).
Date Program Theater Time Rate Guest
26-Apr Shorts-Kids Cinema I 10:00 G Hong Yungjoo (Head Programmer of BISFF)
National Film Board of Canada Special Cinema II 12:30 12 <Stone Makers>Jean-Marc E. Roy (Director)
BISFF Talk: Duet Cinematheque 15:30 12 Amanda Strong (Director)
Gina Dellabarca (Show Me Short Film Festival Director)
Barrier Free Special Screening 3 Community Media Center 16:00 G <The Empty Home> Moon Myounghwan (Director)
Int'l Competition 5 Cinema I 17:30 15 <Anyway Home> Pablo Kaes (Director)
<Late Night Drama> Patrice Laliberté (Director)
<The Tibetan Girl> Jin Huaqing (Director)
27-Apr Shorts-Youth Cinema II 10:00 G Hong Yungjoo (Head Programmer of BISFF)
<Coin Boy> Li Chuanyang(Director)
Shorts-Kids Cinema I 10:00 G Jinna Lee (Programmer of BISFF)
Barrier Free Special Screening 2 Community Media Center 16:00 G <Juvenile Creim Law> Kim Jaehyun (Director)
Int'l Competition 3 Cinema I 17:30 12 <What Tears Us Apart> Hu Wei (Director)
Canadian Panorama Cinematheque 18:00 12 <Overpass> Patrice Laliberté (Director)
Int'l Competition 6 Cinema I 20:00 15 <Ambulance> Sebastian Torngren Wartin (Director)
<Between Us> Maciej Miller (Director)
Prism 1 Cinematheque 20:30 15 Mark Rappaport (Director)
28-Apr Int'l Competition 1 Cinema II 12:30 15 <Arnie> Kao Mingsheng , Wang Chingchiao (Editor)
<Ivanytch> Sergey Borovkov (Director)
Shorts-Family 2 Cinematheque 13:00 G <The Empty Home> Moon Myounghwan (Director)
<100th Birthday Wish> Lien Chienhung (Director)
Int'l Competition 4 Cinema II 15:00 15 <Lurking in the Shadows> Nicolas Novak (Director)
<Flowers in The Wall> Eden JunJung (Director)
Korean Competition 2 Cinema I 15:00 15 <Line> Shin Jihoon (Director)
<The Realm of Deepest Knowing> Kim Seunghee (Director)
<Atonement> Shin Younho (Director)
<Ambubagging> Han Jungjae (Director)
Landscape of Asian Shorts 3 Cinematheque 15:30 19 <Too Young> Huang Mingzheng (Director)
<Seven Scenes About Love> Lynn Chen (Director)
Korean Competition 5 Cinema I 17:30 12 <Missing> Kim Minkyung (Director)
<My Father's Room> Jang Nari (Director)
<Home without Me> Kim Hyunjung(Director)
Int'l Competition 7 Cinema II 17:30 12 <Olga> Maxime Bruneel (Director)
Landscape of Asian Shorts 1 Cinematheque 18:00 12 <Letter #69> Lin Hsin-I (Director)
Korean Competition 3 Cinema I 20:00 19 <The Regular Hire> Kim Taewoong (Director)
<The Aged Washer> Kim Yeran (Director)
<Helper> Choi Hyungjin (Director)
Landscape of Asian Shorts 2 Cinema II 20:00 15 <This Pair> Wong Yeemei (Director)
<Disabled Novel> Law Yukmui (Director)
<The Empty Body> Wong Szeming (Director)
<The Life and Times of Ho Chung> Tsang Tsuishan (Director)
<Disappearing in Central> Chu Hoiying Nicole (Director)
29-Apr Int'l Competition 2 Cinema II 12:30 15 <Helga is in Lund> Alex Esslin(Writer)
Korean Competition 1 Cinema I 15:00 15 <The Silence of the Dogs> Park Hyuncheol (Director)
<The Ghost> Lim Seunghyeun (Director)
<Kim Soo-young, the Period of Turbulence> YOKE(Directors)
Int'l Competition 8 Cinema II 15:00 15 <Forestry> Tsuta Tetsuichiro (Director)
<Wall> Dan Radu Mihai (Director)
Korean Competition 4 Cinema I 17:30 19 <About Magnolia> Bang Sungjun (Director)
<Mr. Seong Jae> Kim Lokkyoung(Director), Yoo Seongjae (Director)
<Nagayo> Cha Jeongyoon (Director)
Landscape of Asian Shorts 1 Cinema II 17:30 12 <83 Soi Soonvijai 14> T-Thawat Taifayongvichit (Director)
<If You Leave> Dodo Dayao (Director)
Shorts-Family 1 Cinematheque 18:00 G <Juvenile Crime Law> Kim Jaehyun (Director)
Korean Competition 6 Cinema I 20:00 15 <The Widow> Choi Cheongil (Director)
<Ask for God?> Hyun Jeongheon (Director)
<Superpower Girl> Kim Sooyoung (Director)
<Hongeo> Yeon Jegwang (Director)
Int'l Competition 9 Cinema II 20:00 15 <Not Yet> Arian Vazirdaftari (Director)
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