BISFF - Forum 2018

The BISFF-Forum 2018 aims to share the points of view and prospects of domestic and international experts on cinema and media paradigm. Especially, from this year onwards, we intend to create a diverse and wide-ranging discourse by combining the existing ‘Busan International Transmedia Forum’ with the ‘Asian Short Film Open Talk’. The general theme of this year's Forum is ‘Women, Avant-garde and Cinema’; we will be discussing the following topics: ‘Maya Deren’s Cinematic Universe’, ‘Aesthetic Influence and Succession of Maya Deren’, ‘Trends in Asian Women’s Films’ and ‘Trends in Korean Women’s Films’. The Forum will also feature a special super 8mm film projection.
  • DatesApril 27(Fri) – April 28(Sat)
  • VenuesOpen Hall at Busan Community Media Center
  • Hosted byBusan International Short Film Festival
  • Co-organized byDEU Cinema & Transmedia Institute, HUFS HK SEMIOSIS Research Center, HUFS Institute of Taiwan Studies
  • Supported by
  • Forum Subject
    • [ Main Subject ] Women, Avant-garde, and Cinema
    • < Session1 > Maya Deren’s Cinematographic Universe
    • < Session2 > Aesthetic Influence and Succession of Maya Deren
    • < Session3 > Trends in Asian Women Films
    • < Session4 > Trends in Korean Women Films
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  • 주한 스위스 대사관
  • 송도 해수피아
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