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New media experiential exhibition

The New Media Experiential Exhibition, which was held as part of the Busan International Transmedia Forum, is an experiential exhibition to enhance the understanding and interest of the advanced film technologies which might seem complicated and difficult by allowing the audience to directly experience the various functions. The New Media Experiential Exhibition jointly organized by The Canadian Film Center Media Lab (CFC media lab), Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), and the Dong-Eui University, is open free of charge to all Busan International Short Film Festival audiences.
  • Venue 6th Floor, Cine Lounge, Busan Cinema Center
  • Date & TimeApril 26(Wed) – 29(Sat) 11:00-20:00 / April 30(Sun) 11:00-19:00

VR exhibition

This exhibition is an experiential exhibition that introduces the 3 major VR works (Invisible World: the VR Experience, Body/Mind/Change Redux, Cut-off VR) of the Canadian Film Center Media Lab (CFC Media Lab), the world's leading VR technology research center. These are new VR films combined with storytelling which are advanced form of VR games and commercials that are widely commercialized these days. The Canadian Film Center Media Lab is currently producing more than 140 VR works starting from Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Lab project to VR Sketch series project, etc.

ETRI Busan Project

Based on the feature-length documentary film Still and All (2015), Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) produced an interactive pilot work designed to induce the active participation and sharing of the audiences. This project is centered by the space and people – specific space called Youngdo, where Busan's past and present coexist, and the people living there. It is a new media work that is designed to allow the audience to intervene in the movie by connecting various devices (Microsoft Kinect, Lip Motion, MYO, etc.) as well as basic input devices (mouse, keyboard)

French-Korean i-doc Project

“Interactive documentary”, which is characterized by active interaction between the creator & the user (audience), is emerging as a representative genre of the Transmedia field. In this exhibition, you will experience interactive documentary works, Our Cities Paris-Busan(2016) & Doshi - Digital Itineraries(2014), co-produced by the ‘Master Culture et Métiers du Web’ at the Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée & the Department of Film Studies at the Dong-Eui University.
  • 부산광역시
  • 부산광역시 중구
  • 영화의 전당
  • 주한 뉴질랜드 대사관
  • 주한 스위스 대사관
  • 송도 해수피아
  • BNK 부산은행
  • IBK 기업은행
  • 델리팜
  • 골든블루
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