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2018-05-02 16:50:36
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General Statement of NETPAC Award



From the Asia and Pacific perspective, there is a strong short film selection at this year’s Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF) both in International and Korean Competition sections that reflects the multitude contemporary socio political issues, cultural specifity and distinct artistic expression broadening the audience’s horizon of knowledge.



Kampung Tapir / Aw See Wee


The NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asia Pacific Cinema) awards Kampung Tapir directed by Aw See Wee from Malaysia for excellence in storytelling by depicting the global issue of immigration through the symbolic representation of an endangered species which reflects the struggle for survival in the capitalist world. 

  • 부산광역시
  • 부산광역시 중구
  • 영화의 전당
  • 주한 뉴질랜드 대사관
  • 주한 스위스 대사관
  • 송도 해수피아
  • BNK 부산은행
  • IBK 기업은행
  • 델리팜
  • 골든블루
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