33rd 일분 예술사 / One Minute Art History
Cao Shu
Animation, Experimental
Running Time
Close Up

Screening Dates

No Screening theaters Date
1 Cinematheque 2016-04-24 (SUN) 15:30
2 Cinema I 2016-04-26 (TUE) 10:00

Program Note

This work is about one minute of waiting, as the persistence of vision, every image from art history is one by one frame in the film. Each frame is derived from a video, then made into various forms (including painting, software processing, synthetic materials, collage spoof).


차오 슈 / Cao Shu
"From 2012 to nowadays, Cao Shu is teaching as a lecturer teacher in China Academy of Art. He got Bachelor degree from New Media Art Department of CAA,and got Master degree from Inter-Media Art School of CAA. Cao Shu is making new media art works in Hangzhou. His works include Babel 2016,Meet-ing 2015, Flash Cards 2007-2014, An Uncountable Noun 2014, Second-hand Rhythm 2010. Hold solo exhibitions“Na meless”, ""Shinippori""2014 and ""Anti Cao Shu lism ""2012.He Won the New Narrative Award of Long Week of Short Films .Works have been shown in the Hannover film festival,31st International Short Film Festival Berlin ,20min|ma x International Short Film Festival,Holland International Animation Film Festival, Hiroshima International Film Festi val, 2010 China image files exhibition. His works have been collected by Australia White Rabbit art museum, Israel Yellow Mountain Arts Foundation, Shanghai Duo Lun Museum of Modern Art and other institutions.

<One Minute Art History>(2015)
- 2015 Tenerife Shorts
- 2016 Holland Animation Film Festival competition shorts


Director Cao Shu
Producer Cao Shu
Script Cao Shu
Cinematographer Cao Shu
Sound Cao Shu
Editor Xu Sijie, Meng Zibo
Music Chen Ye, Yuan Yi
Contact Cao Shu // anycao312@163.com
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