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[2022 BISFF] Awards Announced

2022 Busan International Short Film Festival Awards Announced


International Competition


[General Statement]

This year’s selection is an impressive display of diversity in form, style, culture and narrative. The films are a tribute to originality, craftsmanship, storytelling talent and above all, the creativity of filmmakers around the world, always finding new, personal ways in which to tell universal truths.


[Grand Prix]
Adjustment by Mehrdad Hassani

A delicate and poetic look on a moment in the life of a child, where no deeper feeling or intimate belief could scratch out the power of popular traditions and habits, made by prejudice and false ideals, stained by the weight of the religion. A clean portrait about the power of the innocence, where the actors with a natural approach lead the story on an important and necessary storytelling.


[Excellence Award]

Titan by Valéry Carnoy

A raw story is told with full awareness of the cinematographic expedient. Direction and photography  bring the audience between the protagonist and the other young characters, making his feelings and emotions universal. An original but so true screenplay played in an excellent way by the young actors, in the silence of the suburban landscape.


[Jury Award]

I Am Trying to Remember by Pegah Ahangarani

A long trip through the memory, a soiled and dark memory, researching elements that scratched the pictures of our childhood in a loud scream of missed justice. The capacity of make an old story so actual and universal, in the hope of democracy, in which such a terrible and psychological massacre, doesn't repeat again. Because the loss of thousands of Gholam wouldn't be useless.


[Audience Award]

At the Feet of My Mother by Vincent Sparreboom


Korean Competition


[General Statement]

We are very pleased for this wonderful opportunity to dive into the recent Korean short film scene and discover new talents, new narratives and current hot topics of Korean society.  We paid a special attention to the new ways of storytelling, genre elements and wonderful convincing acting. It was a great honor to be part of the 39th Busan International Short Film Festival.


[Grand Prix]

Nowhere Else by Lee Kyeongwon


A delicate work with the film noir elements brings us into a sensitive story about trying to find the past. We found this beautiful film exploring such topics as trauma, memory and grief in a laconic and at the same time very subtle and amazingly unfolded way. The rhythm of the storytelling was inclusive and the well-done acting deserved the praise.


[Excellence Award]

An Excessive Day by Zhao Danyang

The BISFF Excellence Award rewards a very sensible and contemporary film where immigration, discrimination, precariousness and an unusual friendship hatch unexpectedly in a convenience store. This film has captivated and charmed us with its communicative energy and relevance.


[Jury Award]

Cicada by Yoon Daewoen

The film's brief synopsis, ‘Chang-hyeon, a transgender prostitute, encounters a customer who seems both familiar and yet unfamiliar,’ caught our interest. The director did not let us down, as he continually kept us engaged with unexpected twists. The jury unanimously agreed to award the Jury Award to this film, which utilizes a clear storyline and strong visuals to allow viewers to experience what the main character, who has gender identity issues, is going through.


[Best Acting Award]

Honor Guard Uhm Junki

Here's an actor who portrayed a character with such delicacy and a wealth of expressions, a character who wasn't put off by his superior’s contempt and discrimination. Right through to the end, the actor was completely immersed in the performance. The actor is Uhm Junki, who played Hyeongyu, a member of the honor guard who was unable to overcome his trauma.  Congratulations once more, and please know that you have our unwavering support.

[Special Mention of the Jury]

Trace of Time by Iwa

This film stands out for its original concept, for the poetic cinematic language and delicate focus on aesthetic body performance. We cannot not mention the film which strongly differed from all the films in the program.


[Audience Award]

Mast by Lee Juseung






[General Statement]

This year's selection of both Korean and International titles is a strong and intensive one. Various genres, various topics, various dramas – from personal to social and global ones. Impressive ways to express and describe the feelings, doubts, hesitations, inner frightens, attempts to discover the unspoken desires and to find or re-find your personality for yourself, first of all. We all know that it is sometimes more difficult to make a short film instead of a full-length feature – you are conditionally limited with the duration of your movie but still, you want to tell a lot. The 2022 line-up has collected shorts with art-house style, combined dramatic and action, suspense, and deep psychological and social research. Some beautiful and very touching – aesthetically & psychologically – animations, with pure, sometimes naïve colors and a deep sense. Documentaries are very personal and very universal at the same time – they reflect, in a very sincere and credible way, the very personal thoughts and experiences, depicted through the global social or political background. From time to time in some shorts, it occurred an impression that there are a bit too many dialogues or monologues however that has been compensated with a visual philosophy of frames and pictures in other titles.


[NETPAC Award]

The Boys Club by Chen Yihwen


The film 'The Boys Club' tells the story of a Malaysian female director who was sexually harassed by an influential figure while filming her first feature-length documentary. She made an accusation against this figure, but she was bullied and fired as a result. However, she refused to give up on telling people what happened, and her journey is documented in the film. The judges were blown away by the director's bravery, her determination to not give up on her film, and her fascinating documentary storytelling ability. The NETPAC Award's objective is to promote Asian cinema. The jury believes that this film is worthy of the NETPAC Award because it sheds light on the Asian filmmaking scene in relation to the '#MeToo movement,' and it encourages us to stand in solidarity with victims while also reflecting on ourselves.




Operation Kino


[General Statement]

We could feel the vibration and depth of life that the filmmakers sought to express in all six films. It is documentary's eternal mission to look at the hidden side of our society, to observe and communicate with the people that live there. The jury decided to honor 'Seungwoo' with the Grand Prix Award and 'Renaissance' with the Excellence Award. It's a shame we couldn't offer an award to 'Output,' which had excellent qualities and a bold subject and point of view. We hope that all of the directors involved in Operation Kino will be inspired to continue working in the film industry and continue to maintain a passion for life and society.


[Grand Prix]

Seungwoo by Lee Haesol


We decided to offer the Grand Prix Award to this film this year because it successfully conveyed the depth of emotions flowing between the camera and 'Seungwoo.' Despite the government's violence, Choi Seungwoo strives to live his life. His bravery may have gone unnoticed in the unfamiliar landscape of the twentieth century. Fortunately, thanks to director Lee Haesol and her film 'Seungwoo,' we can see that the survivors of governmental violence continue to live their lives among us in this era. We'd like to applaud the team for overcoming their unfamiliarity with the subject and recording the suffering with respect.


[Excellence Award]
Renaissance by Noh Heekwan, Park Hyunyoung

Through interviews with various individuals, this documentary takes a step back and portrays the light and shade of the renaissance on Ibagu Road. The film stands out most because of its use of the observer's gaze and expressions with double meanings. The film helps us reassess the meaning and usefulness of the urban regeneration project that has been taking place across the country with the goal of improving the lives of local residents.


[Agora Jury Award]

Seungwoo by Lee Haesol 

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