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Operation Kino

The juries of Operation Kino carefully reviewed each of the 17 submissions in order to make a fair and impartial selection. During a blind selection process, they strictly based their final decisions on three criteria: the project’s completeness, its originality, and its probability of production. Despite the stricter submission guidelines this year for Operation Kino, a similar number of proposals were submitted as the previous year, indicating to the juries that there is a consistent level of interest in the project. Busan-based film students presented their original works, which were different from traditional documentaries in both form and content, reflecting on themselves through explorations of family and community, as well as discourses on space and history. The juries did, however, find it regrettable that some of the submitted proposals were unable to set themselves apart from other works, relying instead on simple project designs and giving priority to entertainment above showcasing their cinematic perspectives. The juries expect that each team will go through the filming and the post-production process in accordance with the submitted proposal, and will be able to turn it into a distinctive and creative documentary. The juries would like to congratulate those chosen for the project, and look forward to seeing these 5 new documentaries with the filmmakers’ fresh “perspectives” during the Busan International Short Film Festival, which will take place from April 25th to 30th.