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On-site events

BISFF Follow Event

Welcome to BISFF! Thank you for visiting us.
You can receive gifts at the Event Desk if you follow our official social media accounts.

  • Step 1 : Follow BISFF social media
    Instagram or Youtube channel
  • Step 2 : Upload your review contents with the hashtags
    Instagram: upload your pictures with the hashtags (#BISFF #부산국제단편영화제)
    Youtube: Leave your comments on the BISFF official trailer
  • Step 3 : Get collect a gift at the Event Desk

BISFF Suprise Event

Do you find short film difficult to comprehend?
If you find short films difficult to understand,
consider attending a screening with a PG (Program Guide) or GV (Guest Visit).
You'll be able to satisfy your curiosity about film while also winning a suprise gift.

*Event is only available to attendees within the program with PG or GV. We will choose the program randomly.
*Event will start immediately after the screening. please do not exit the theater.

Venues│Busan Cinema Center (Cinema I, Cinema II, Cinematheque)

'Solve the official poster puzzle!' Event

Solve the puzzle for this year's Busan International Short Film Festival!
After you solve the official poster puzzle at the event desk, show it to the staff to receive a gift!

BISFF Bingo Event

I am the BISFF Bingo master!
BISFF is looking for someone who enjoyed The 41st Busan International Short Film Festival.
Please pick up the stamp coupon at the event desk. After completing every bingo mission
you get a stamp, and in the end you can recieve a special souvenir package
on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Completing 1 line Special gift for 2 people per day
  • Completing 2 lines Special gift package for 2 people per day
  • Completing 3 lines Diadora's Special Items for 3people
    (On a first-come, first-serve bais.)

*The number of gifts is limited, so when they run out, the event will end.