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Program info

The Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF)—Korea's most dynamic festival and a hub for Korean and international short films—is growing both domestically and internationally. As the festival celebrates its 41st anniversary, it looks forward to a brighter future spurred on by its past accomplishments. Whether independent and art films or commercial films thrive or decline, short films, the foundation of all cinematic endeavors, must exist as the core and base of cinema. Without the development of short films, which constitute cinema's past, present, and future, there will be no future for Korean cinema.

This year's BISFF identifies distinctive and artistically valuable short films created internationally and domestically through the International Competition, the Korean Competition, and Operation Kino. This year, "Cinema & Reality" is the festival's theme, which aims to explore whether films can connect with audiences in a continuously changing reality and whether films can offer a means of examining reality from an alternative angle.

Italy is the guest country for this year's BISFF. The Guest Country section will highlight Italian short films that have garnered significant public and critical attention recently. These short films offer an intimate approach to reality and experimentation with new cinematic language, demonstrating that Italian cinema strives to create new films and doesn’t dwell on past glory.

Furthermore, the festival features distinctive films that explore a wide spectrum of cinematic possibilities, both artistically and technically. The Prism section showcases experimental films, 3D films, interactive films, and XR films. This section allows viewers to witness how the festival continues to innovate and explore new cinematic language. Furthermore, the Korean Shorts and the Hub of Asia sections showcase short films with complex narratives and a keen awareness of societal issues, highlighting a limitless cinematic potential. In addition, we have prepared various screenings and accompanying events, such as Curtain Call, where you can view the best short films from the world's top four film festivals, and roundtable discussions delving into film education beyond the institutional framework.

The 41st BISFF offers a wide range of programs for Korean and international audiences who are eager to rediscover cinema while sitting in a dark theater with strangers, especially at a time when cinema and theaters feel neglected. Your support and interest in the festival is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Artistic Director of BISFF