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Busan International Transmedia Forum

Busan International Transmedia Forum

@Busan International Short Film Festival 2024
(BITForum@BISFF 2024)

The cinema, which was born at the end of the 19th century and has developed over the century as the core of the visual arts, exerting a powerful influence on human cognition, is going through a trajectory of upheaval in various aspects such as media, aesthetics, technology, and industry in the 21st century. Some say it is the end of cinema, while others present bright prospects for new possibilities for 21st century cinema. In either case, it seems clear that 21st-century cinema has entered a new phase. Filmmakers, audiences, and researchers all concerned about how new film technologies will change the inherent aesthetics and reception of cinema.
This year's BITForum@BISFF 2024 opens with explore the possibilities and limitations of 21st century cinema through the keywords of the real and the virtual. It will then the new short film by Bill Morrison, who has been expanding the techniques and forms of found-footage filmmaking.
The first session explores the new cinematic horizons that artificial intelligence, virtual production, and virtual humans are opening up in 21st century cinema.
The second session will focus on ecosystems and explore where the landscape of 21st century cinema is changing.
The third session will ask questions about the aesthetic endeavors of found footage in film and reality.
We hope that this year's BITForum@BISFF 2024 will be a valuable opportunity for international experts in various fields such as stereoscopic cinema, XR, virtual production, and AI to come together and share their opinions on cinema in the post-cinema era of the 21st century.

Event information

Name of Event Busan International Transmedia Forum@Busan International Short Film Festival 2024 (BITForum@BISFF 2024)
Date April 24th ~ 25th, 2024
Venue Busan Community Media Center Open Hall (Haeundae, Busan)
Host Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF)
Supervisor Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF)
Dong-eui University Cinema and Transmedia Institute (DCTI)
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Collaboration Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF)

Event content

  • Three sessions of BITForum@BISFF 2024
  • Bill Morrison unveils new movie of BITForum@BISFF 2024
  • A new movie co-directed by an A.I to be unveiled at BITForum@BISFF 2024

Forum topics

Reality, Virtuality and Cinema

Session 1 Topic Cinema & Virtuality – AI, VP, Virtual Human
Session 2 Topic Post-cinematic ecologies
Session 3 Topic Cinema & Reality – Aesthetics of found footage films

Forum programs

Reality, Virtual, And The Cinema

April 24th 2024 (Wed)
Time Section Content
10:00~10:30 Registration & Reception
10:30~10:40 Opening ○ Moderator: KIM Daehwang (BISFF Managing Director)
○ Welcoming speech: CHA Minchol (BISFF Festival Director)
10:40~13:20 Session 1
(Cinema & Virtual)

Cinema & Virtuality – A.I, VP, VIRTUAL HUMAN

○ Moderator: JEON Byoungwon (Future Film Research Institute Director)

● Topic 1: The Present and Future of 3D Media Broadcasting Services

  • Presentation: KIM Sunghoon (ETRI Busan Joint Research Center Director)
  • Discussion: KIM Jongyeol (Dike.Co. Ltd. CEO)

● Topic 2: Will AI go beyond ‘Uncanny Valley’?

  • Presentation: KIM Changho (DM Studio Producer)
  • Discussion: KWON Ohjun (DM Studio CEO)

● Topic 3: The intersection between visual Storytelling and Activism :

the responsibility and importance of documentaries in the 21st century.

  • Presentation: Vanessa Crocini (Film Director)
  • Discussion: Sébastien Simon (BISFF Programmer)
13:20~14:20 Lunch Break
14:20~17:00 Session 2
(Ecologies of post-cinema)

Cinema & Screen Culture - Movies in the N-Screen Era

○ Moderator: KIM Yiseok (DCTI Director)

● Topic 1: Importance of Film Work in the N-Screen Era

  • Presentation: Paolo Simoni (Film Director)
  • Discussion: Vanessa Mangiavacca (Concorto Film Festival Programmer)

● Topic 2: Film Festival in N-screen Era

  • Presentation: LEE Ahn (SciFianFesta Chairman)
  • Discussion: Mireille Tranble Carong
    (Saguenay International Film Festival, Film market coordinator)

● Topic 3: From the Crystal to the Cosmos : New Narratives and the New Media

  • Presentation: Rashmi Doraiswamy (Professor, Academy of International Studies, New Delhi)
  • Discussion: Kaoru Nishitani (Fukuoka Independent Film Festival Producer of International section)
17:00~17:30 End of DAY 1
April 25th 2024(Thu)
Time Section Content
13:30~14:00 Registration & Reception
14:00~14:30 Epilogue-Session ○ Presentation: Bill Morrison (Film Director)
(Bill Morrison, 2024, 30min) Screening
14:30~16:30 Session 3
(Cinema & Reality)

Cinema & Reality – Aesthetic’s of found footage

○ Moderator: KANG Byunghwa (BISFF Programmer)

● Topic 1: About the Film work - Focusing on the Pound Footage Technique

  • Presentation: Bill Morrison (Film Director)
  • Discussion: YU Gihoon (Unobvious Producer)

● Topic 2: Bill Morrison’s Film Aesthetics

  • Presentation: Pip Chodorov (BISFF Programmer)
  • Discussion: HAN Jaseop (Director of Gwangju Independent Cinema)
After forum ends, participation in the opening ceremony of the Busan International Short Film Festival