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Side events

New Media Experience Booths

Promotion for self-production contents & Media demonstration
'Watching impressions of interactive cinema' Event
Date April 26(Fri) - 30(Tue)
Venue 6F, Cinemoutain, Busan Cinema Center


Korea's Non-institutional Education Programs for Film Making and Production

The Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF), which aspires to be a hub for Korean and Asian short films, is gearing up to host a roundtable discussion on film education in an era when the landscape for films, videos, and media is shifting. It will particularly focus on the significance of non-institutional film education programs outside of the school system. Attendees will be able to explore various film education initiatives tailored for youths by the private sector, as well as look into the future prospects of film education. The festival hopes that this event will inspire film and video educators in Busan and other areas to talk about the specifics of non-institutional film education programs and their potential in the future.

Date April 28(Sun) 14:00
Venue Cine Lounge, 6, Cinemountain, Busan Cinema Center
Moderator KANG Byunghwa (Programmer of Busan International Short Film Festival)
Speaker ROH Chulhwan (Professor at Inha University, Department of Theater and Film Studies)
‘Writing with light, The Endless Possibilities of Education with Cinema
: Focusing on Les Enfants des Lumière(s) in France’
Panelist LEE Sanghoon (Artistic Director of Busan International Short Film Festival)
OH Taeseung(Cinematographer)
KIM Jaesik (Filmmaker)