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BISFF With You


BISFF With You

The 41st Busan International Short Film Festival will host "BISFF With You". 'BISFF With You' is a program in which we bring films to areas where there are no cinemas, in order to exhibit short films for free to locals who are unable to see any films. This will be an excellent chance for locals to view and appreciate a wide variety of films. This program will be presented to the public as a pre-program of the BISFF.

Busan Youth Center

March 22 (Fri) 15:00


Against the Tides

Busan Social Welfare Complex Center

March 28 (Thu) 16:00

Burger Song Challenge

Mom's Catwalk

Yuwol: The Boy Who Made the World Dance

Yeungjin Social welfare Center

March 29 (Fri) 16:00

Busan Metropolitan Gudeok Libary

April 12 (Fri) 19:00

Burger Song Challenge

A Student

Mom's Catwalk



  • Burger Song Challenge

    Kim min-ha South Korea 2023 22min

    The poor class president participates in the Burger Song Challenge to buy burgers for her friends.

  • A Student

    Lee Miji South Korea 2020 15min

    Kyung-hee is a lady in her 60s who often run into problems because she cannot use computers. She decides to take a computer class at a community center, but they tell her that she can apply for the class only on the internet.

  • Mom's Catwalk

    Seen Nari South Korea 2022 15min

    Jungsook Kim enters the world of senior modeling after being told that she can be fat or short. With her dreams in hand, Jungsook travels to Seoul, where opportunities abound.

  • Yuwol: The Boy Who Made the World Dance

    BEFF South Korea 2018 25min

    Yuwol is a boy who never stops to dance even for a moment. One day, dance virus begins to spread in his private elementary school and he is accused as the culprit. Yuwol is now being chases by his uptight home room teacher and other members of the faculty.

  • Seungwoo

    Lee Haesol South Korea 2022 15min

    A 14-year-old boy who survived governmental violence is now a 54-year-old middle-aged man. He tries to live a normal life while trying to forget about his past.

  • Against the Tides

    Choi Junseo South Korea 2023 15min

    Junseo, Yunah, and Junewoo decide to make a travel documentary on bicycling along Korea's east coast, which is quite typical for young people to do but nevertheless interesting. They begin cycling, unsure of what they can accomplish through their adventure. They become exhausted from pedaling without a goal, but as they confront their own limits and meet new people along the way, they begin to change.