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BISFF Introduction

BISFF launched in 1980 as a domestic event under the name ‘Korean Short Film Festival’ with the aim of discovering talented film professionals and fostering a filmmaking-friendly environment. It has introduced various kinds of films, including 8mm and independent films made by students and general audience. It earned a reputation of fairness by selecting socially-conscious films during Korea’s military dictatorship era. Many of these young talents have grown into established filmmakers and leaders of the filmmaking industry.

Our festival evolved over the years and renamed itself ‘Busan Asian Short Film Festival’ in 2000 as it extended its horizon abroad, accepted entries from foreign countries and introduced excellent Asian filmmakers to local audiences — a first at the time in Korea.

Eventually, BISFF became the ‘Busan International Short Film Festival’ in 2010 and expanded to the world of films beyond Asia. It continues to present the latest tendencies in short-filmmaking from Korea and abroad, and to be a meeting place between short films, cineastes and audiences.

In recent years, BISFF has become a member of the Short Film Conference and of the NETPAC — Network for the Promotion of Asia Pacific Cinema. In 2018, it became South Korea’s first Oscar®-qualifying festival, each year providing one Korean filmmaker and one foreign filmmaker with the opportunity to submit their films for consideration to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences.

In addition to the competitive sections, various curated sections lets the audience see the worldwide trends in short-filmmaking and guess its future. Furthermore, by showing experimental films, animations and documentaries, BISFF intends to break away from the viewing conventions of fiction-oriented movies and to satisfy those craving for more varied forms of story-telling.

A pioneer among International short film festivals in Asia, BISFF wants to remain a window for Korean and Asian shorts to the world, and vice-versa.

2024 BISFF


April 25 – April 30, 2024

Screening Venues

Busan Cinema Center

BNK BUSAN BANK Art Cinema Corner Theater


Cinema & Reality


136 films from 43 countries

64 films for Competition / 72 films for Invitation (non-competition)


A total of 13 awards

Major Events

Opening / Closing Ceremony

BISFF Wtih You



BITForum@BISFF 2024

New Media Cinema Workshop

New Media Experience Booth(XR, VR, 3D, Interactive)



International Competition

Korean Competition

Operation Kino

Invitation Guest Country

Italy Panorama

Italy Newreality


I the eye

Reality bites


Rendez-vous with AFiS

Four Funerals and A Wedding

A History of Violence


The Cinema of Reality

The Reality of Cinema

3D Cinema



Special Screening

Curtain Call

30° Ningbo Short Film Festival

BISFF Short Film Project