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New Media Cinema Workshop

New Media Cinema Workshop

New Media Cinema Workshop

[3D Master Class]

“New Media Cinema Workshop” is a job-training course in New Media Cinema for film/photography students and for the public. Masterclass by Alaric Hamacher for participants interested in stereo 3D. In this compact workshop, students will learn the basic principles of stereoscopic film making and how to operate a stereoscopic 3D camera. Students will plan, shoot and edit a stereoscopic 3D short film. The final works will be projected in the 3D cinema.

Dates April 25 (Thu) – 27 (Fri), April 30 (Sun)
Venue Busan Cinema Center
Lecture Alaric Hamacher (Stereographer, Director, Producer, Programmer of BISFF)
Co-hosted by BISFF, ETRI, DEU Cinema & Transmedia Institute
Organized by BISFF



April 25 (Thu)-26 (Fri)
Seminar Room, 2F BIFF HILL, Busan Cinema Center

  • Basic principles of stereoscopy, 3D film screening
    Nepal 3D (2016), Director: Till Hastreiter / Lead Stereographer: Alaric Hamacher
    Making of Die Huberbuam (2011), Director: Jens Monath / Lead Stereographer: Alaric Hamacher
  • Shooting and editing shorts stereoscopic 3D

April 28 (Sun)
Cinema Ⅰ, Busan Cinema Center

  • Watch films in 3D Shorts and the workshop’s outputs