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Cinema & RealityArtist | Oh Jungseok

Cinema sometimes represents reality as it is, and sometimes unfolds a world we can’t even imagine, giving the audience new impressions and hope. The artist designed the festival’s poster by making a parody of the main character Gelsomina in Federico Fellini’s 1957 film The Road (La Strada). Although the film has a tragic end, the author thinks that Gelsomina’s life may not have stayed in tragedy. Our reality is similar. Even though our lives have many hard and difficult moments, tragedy is not our only story. Instead, we gradually find a hope in the dark. There is a saying “We are not always happy, but happiness is always close.” Through this festival, the artist hopes that many people will find time to reflect on the logic of life and find happiness with their family, friends and lovers. In the poster, the artist expressed a happy Gelsomina using cinematic imagination.



<Show me the face > YOON Dongki

  • Director : YOON Dongki
  • Photography : KIM Mingook
  • 1AD : KIM Haejin
  • Sound : LEE Hamin, LEE Seungyeon
  • Cast : CHUNG James, JOO Yeji, LEEM Hyangju, KIM Kyehyung

If you've seen a cinema, you can no longer separate the cinema from the reality and we welcome a scene-like moment in the cinema.